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How to make a romantic proposal without a ring

How to make a romantic proposal without a ring

While traditionally a proposal includes a shiny sparkling diamond bling ring, that is not always the case.  In fact in recent times nearly half of proposals are very different with no ring involved for many reasons.  Some perhaps a desire to design matching rings together, or even to let the woman design her own beautiful engagement ring.  Regardless of the reasons proposing without a ring when done right can be just as romantic.  After all the event is one of the most romantic of her lifetime.

How to make a romantic proposal without a ring 

1) Wait for the right time.  Asking someone to marry you should never be done on the fly.  Absolutely not!  Proposals should be carefully planned and thought out so that both parties will have a treasured lasting memory.  Put in some heartfelt preparation and your soon to be fiance will love you for it.  

2) Keep it sweet and simple just because you don't have a ring doesn't meant you can't do the most well known romantic gesture of getting down on one knee with some heartfelt words and tell them what you love most about them and why you want to spend the rest of  your life with them, a sure fire way to melt any girls heart.

3) Purchase a costume jewellery ring or sterling silver ring like our  Tiffany inspired solitaire ring or our halo vintage engagement ring  both available at as a Marry Me promise ring.  This is a great idea if you are short on finances or simply find the idea of choosing a ring on your own daunting.   Think about your beloved's personality and taste, does she like timeless and simple, big and bold, bright and colourful or old world vintage jewellery.  If you don't want to choose a ring you can always go with a different piece of jewellery for the proposal such as a necklace or earrings she can treasure as a special memory of the moment.  After you have proposed with the the chosen piece of jewellery and shared the news with your family and friends you can either save for the ring of your dreams or go shopping together to pick one out.

Tiffany Inspired 8mm 2 carat Solitaire Ring 

 4) Use a memento find something that demonstrates your love for each other, use that. It might be a ticket stub to the concert where you met, a song, where you first said I love you, had your first kiss or what could be more special and romantic than than at the place you very first met on your anniversary. If not propose in a beautiful memorable place like overlooking the city lights, picnic with a view, gondola ride in the coastal canals, weekend away, oversea's trip.  Whatever you choose make sure the moment you ask you beloved to marry you that is will be a memorable memory for you both.

5) Choose a single rose as a gesture or her favourite flower instead of a ring ( in my case gerbra's as I don't like roses, but you will already know your beloved's favourite flowers by this stage of the game)

6) Present her with an empty ring box  Make sure you have asked the question and she has already said yes first though. (it could be a little weird seeing an empty box before you ask)  Then tell her you wanted everything to be perfect and wanted her to have her dream engagement ring.  Keep the romance flowing, either take her ring shopping that day or the next if it is the evening or sit down to a romantic night of coming up with and ordering a ring to be made the night of the proposal.  Trust me she is not going to mind waiting a day or a couple of weeks for the ring. She will still be on cloud 9 from your romantic proposal that time will fly by. 

7) Letter or song  Nothing is more romantic than a heartfelt well thought out handwritten letter telling your beloved how you feel about them and why you want to spend your life with them (extra romance points if you read it to her) or if you are musically inclined a song.  Just make sure you date it so she can treasure and keep it forever.   

At the end of the day whatever you choose for your romantic proposal, just remember its the sentiment, romance and memory of that moment that matters when you ask her to marry you not a ring. Put some planning and thought into it and you will have a memory to last a lifetime.  Remember that she's going to be telling your marriage proposal story for the rest of your lives so make sure it has more sizzle than fizzle.  Still stuck for idea's or don't think your romantic google and youtube literally have millions of ideas here is just one example below that made us teary just watching this guys commitment.